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Reef Threads Podcast #189 Delayed

Tweet We’re sorry to report that there will be no podcast this week. A family wedding on Christine’s end of the operation and travel on Gary’s end conspired to make it impractical to record this week. Rest assured, we’ll be … Continue reading

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Notice: iTunes Subscribers

Tweet If you’ve been having problems obtaining the podcasts through your iTunes subscription in the past couple of weeks, I made a coding error. The problem has been fixed and your subscription should now perform properly. My apologies for the … Continue reading

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This week’s podcast delayed

Tweet We had technical difficulties with this week’s podcast file and have to delay posting it. It will be available Wednesday night. Our apologies.–Gary and Christine

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No podcast this week

Tweet Sara has been quite sick for several days and is unable to record a podcast this week. We’re confident that, through the miracle of modern medicine, she’ll improve soon and we’ll be able to see many of you next … Continue reading

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No podcast this weekend

Tweet Unfortunately, travel schedules prevented us from recording a podcast this week. We’ll be back next week.—Gary and Sara

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Tweet I’m very excited to announce that the website has been activated. For those of use who keep azooxanthellate corals, it’s great to finally have a website dedicated to information about these challenging animals. For all other hobbyists, you … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing?

Tweet What’s the next “big thing” in the reef hobby? Is it azooxanthellate corals? Aquascaping? Deep-water corals? Some type of equipment? Sara and Gary give their views in this week’s podcast, available this weekend. Subscribe to the Reef Threads notifications … Continue reading

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Talking About Photography

Tweet If you’re within driving distance of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and interested in learning how to photograph the fish and corals in your reef aquarium, I’ll be sharing my techniques at the Greater Iowa Reef Society’s Fall Fest event. The … Continue reading

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Reef Threads Podcasts Now on iTunes

Tweet All Reef Threads podcasts are now available on iTunes. Just search for Reef Threads and subscribe. Podcast #8 will be available in a couple of days.—Gary

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Follow us at Twitter

Tweet We do Tweets, too. Follow us at reefthreads.

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