Reef Threads Podcast #86

A nice Cap colony.

Christine and Gary return once again to talk about issues and topics of interest pertaining to the reef-aquarium hobby. In this week’s podcast we talk about Australians damaging the Great Barrier Reef, cooling tanks in the summer, a camera option, freshwater vs. saltwater, animals that should stay in the oceans, and skimmers. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads. If you like the podcast, please tell others.—Gary and Christine

Trashing the GBR

Leave them in the reefs?

The best skimmers?


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2 Responses to Reef Threads Podcast #86

  1. gparr says:

    The “free” way is to use the software that comes with your camera. Every camera that can generate RAW files comes with software that converts the RAW files to image files and allows you to make adjustments. However, a much better software and my preferred photo-processing tool these days is Adobe’s Lightroom 4. For $150 it will give you powerful and easy to use photo-processing capability and an excellent file management system. Well worth the money.

  2. Sondra says:

    Gary, When talking about cameras you stated being able to capture pictures in RAW format was a must, I am curious what your favorite program is to edit the RAW photos. Thanks,

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