Reef Threads Hiatus

Life, travel, and scheduling have ganged up on us. As a result, we’re going to take a brief hiatus from our weekly shows. We’ll return in June. Thanks to all who listen regularly and we apologize that you won’t have your weekly dose of Reef Threads for a few weeks.
Gary and Christine

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4 Responses to Reef Threads Hiatus

  1. Brooks says:

    Hey any updates? I miss the show.

  2. Paul Carpenter says:

    Hi Gary
    Will you be starting up reef threads this summer? Fall? The conversations are missed by many reefers. It’s very informative, entertaining and a unique part of our wonderful hobby. It’s one of a kind, spontaneous. I’m sure there are hundreds of healthier reef tanks because of your and Christine’s past efforts!

  3. Paul Carpenter says:

    You guys will be missed. I hope all is well.
    I’ll stop by your booth in New Orleans.

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